Multi Service Contracting

Multi service contracts is a method used for energy efficiency contracting to add other co-benefits such as lighting, indoor air quality, temperature, noise, esthetical values and well-being issues in the investments. These co-benefits are included somehow in agreements (in 57% of the answers), but not in a systematical way. The method brings a system for handling this and are closely related to Energy Performace Contracting (EPC). More knowledge and good practical examples are needed and also guidance how these values can be measured.

All the Toolbox elements can be downloaded below.

Guide with an overall description of the tool

Download a high resolution version for printing: Guide Multi Service Contracting
View a low resolution version of the guide online: Guide Multi Service Contracting

Guideline for the Multi Service Contracting model and phases in the toolbox
1      Guideline for MSC Phases and Toolbox

Guideline decision processes in an MSC project
2      Guideline for MSC Decision Process

Showing contents in an MSC procurement and performance requirements
3      Content in an MSC Procurement and Performance Requirements

Different tools for estimating financial benefits of improved indoor environmental quality
4.1   Financial Benefits of Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

Introduction to excel tool for mapping and evaluation of building performance
4.2a Introduction to Mapping and Evaluation of Building Performance

Excel tool for mapping and evaluation of building performance
4.2b Mapping and Evaluation of Building Performance, Excel Tool

Template example – questionnaire for indoor climate for end-users
4.3   Questionnaire for Users on Energy and Indoor Climate. Template Example

Template example – mapping of indoor climate in shools
4.4   Mapping of Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools by Students. Template Example

Guideline for planning of good indoor climate in schools
5      Guideline for Planning of Indoor Climate in Schools

Guideline for planning of good indoor climate in schools – in Swedish
5      God inomhusmiljö i skola och förskola (Swedish)

Introduction on how to make a good measurement and verification process in an MSC project
6      Introduction to Measurement and Verification

Introduction to performance verification during implementation including commissioning and performance test
7      Introduction to Performance Verification During Implementation

Presentation of performance operation test including example
8      Performance Operation Test

Training material for Multi Service Contracting
9      MSC Training Material

Presentation material for Multi Service Contracting
10    MSC Toolbox Presentation


Martin Dam Wied

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