Project Team

County Board of Dalarna

Dalarna is a pilot region in Sweden for energy efficiency and there is a strong stakeholder cooperation with representatives from the whole building sector. County administrative board of Dalarna is a regional public authority that coordinates region´s energy and climate work.  

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Environmental office of Lappeenranta region

Lappeenranta region is known of its work towards renewable energy and low carbon energy systems. Environmental office of Lappeenranta region is a regional public authority that coordinates region´s energy and climate work.  

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Inland County Council, Norway

Inland County Council is a regional public authority that has extensive experience of developing and testing financial tools for energy efficiency.

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Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

Vidzeme Planning Region is a regional public authority responsible for regional planning and coordination (including energy efficiency) as well as cooperation between its 25 local municipalities and one city – Valmiera, and different governmental institutions.

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Gate 21, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gate 21 is a non-profit partner organization (90+ regional partner/members in Denmark) with a mission to gather municipalities, regions, businesses and knowledge institutions to develop and disseminate resource-efficient solutions that support green transformation and promote green growth.

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Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia

Tehnopol foundation is a science and business campus that aims to advance technology-based entrepreneurship in Estonia, bring scientists and entrepreneurs together and provide suitable conditions and a suitable environment for the realisation of breakthrough business ideas.

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State Real Estate Ltd, Tallinn, Estonia

State Real Estate is a public company that is responsible for the development and management of 1 500 publicly owned buildings in Estonia. It is a competence center in development, management and maintenance of the publicly owned real estate.

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Byggdialog Dalarna, Sweden

Sustainable Building Cluster in Dalarna is a cluster organization functioning as a hub and catalyst for sustainable building and construction. It consists of 100 members from the building sector (both companies and public stakeholders) representing the whole building chain.

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Association of Communes and Cities of Malopolska Region, Krakow, Poland

Association of Communes and Cities of Malopolska Region is a non-profit association that represents counties and cities from the Małopolska Region that is active in development, implementation and commercialization of innovative technologies in the area of energy-saving construction industry, renewables and modern automation.

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