Green Lease Contracting

Green leasing contracting is a good way to motivate both building owner and tenant to adopt energy saving measures. By reaching this kind of agreement, energy savings will be shared in a way that both parties will gain on the savings. The contract also contributes to a dialog between partners and puts the focus on the building and its environmental footprint.

All the Toolbox elements can be downloaded below.

Guide with an overall description of the tool
Download a high resolution version for printing: Guide Green Lease Contracting
View a low resolution version of the guide online: Guide Green Lease Contracting

Method on how to start using Green Lease Contracting
1    Guideline for Green Lease Contracts

General template to use when starting green lease contracting
2a  Green Lease Contract. Template

Template to use when starting green lease contracting buildings
2b  Green Lease Contract. Template for Building Owners

Example of a contract between municipality and a health care facility
3a  Green Lease Contract. Example for Health Care Facilities

Example of a contract between the municipality and one of their schools
3b  Green Lease Contract. Example for Schools

Example from Better Buildings partnership on how a green lease contract can look like
3c  Green Lease Contract. Example from BBP for Commercial Buildings

A power point to help present the green lease contracting method
4    Green Lease Contracts Presentation

Power point presentation on how to train target group to implement a green lease contract
5    Green Lease Contracting Training Material


Åke Persson
Sustainable Building Cluster in Dalarna
+ 46 703 253 002

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