Adaptive Regulation for Waterborne Local and District Heating

Effektiv Energi is collaborating with district heating company Eidsiva Bioenergi in Hamar Norway

​Effektiv Energi AS (Efficient Energy) is an entrepreneurial Norwegian company that develops the EE+ concept for energy and cost efficiency of waterborne local and district heating. “This field is somewhat overlooked but has a great energy saving potential”, says Bjorn Naustvik at Effektiv Energi AS. The EE+ Hands on is an adaptive regulation system for […]

EWTG Ventilated Window Frames Increase Energy Efficiency

TunalTopNeo is a thermal ventilation system

Modern building construction technique can actually cause new problems. A combination of perfect insulation, airtight and inadequate ventilation of the building can result in polluted and moist air indoors. For those who work or live in the building this might cause problems, such as breathing problems, fungi, allergies and a negative impact on the energy […]

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