Adaptive Regulation for Waterborne Local and District Heating

Effektiv Energi is collaborating with district heating company Eidsiva Bioenergi in Hamar Norway

Effektiv Energi AS (Efficient Energy) is an entrepreneurial Norwegian company that develops the EE+ concept for energy and cost efficiency of waterborne local and district heating. “This field is somewhat overlooked but has a great energy saving potential”, says Bjorn Naustvik at Effektiv Energi AS.

The EE+ Hands on is an adaptive regulation system for waterborne local and district heating. It features a digital platform for energy- and cost-effective management, operation and maintenance. Indoor climate is supervised via wireless sensors. The sensors are placed in selected zones (e. g. in selected apartments in the building) and a practical display show the temperature and the relative humidity.  At the same time the value signals are reported to smart software for regulation of each section. Correct operating temperature is calculated maintaining the temperature at a desired level.

“By utilizing the latest technology for district heating regulation, it is possible to save 10-25 percent of energy used.”

“EE+ Hands on utilizes IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to secure the correct amount of energy being used. The Hands on replaces the traditional regulation that takes place based on the temperature outside the building. In this way it is possible to save 10-25 percent of energy and contribute to a stable indoor climate in buildings while reducing return temperature,” says Bjorn.

Reduces Costs

The EE + concept constitutes a digital platform for providing services that will reduce management, operation, and maintenance costs, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of waterborne energy systems. The concept helps to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings and supports the role of the district heating industry as actors in the green shift to meet climate challenges.

Reducing Power Peaks

Also included in the EE+ concept is the Digital Twin for Waterborne Energy Systems (Utilizing Open BIM) and SmartGrid to reduce power peaks, make heat production more energy efficient and help integrate different energy solutions locally.

Developed in Cooperation

The system is being further developed in cooperation with Eidsva Bioenergi, a regional district heating company in Norway.

“Our focus is of course energy and cost effectiveness for the entire supply chain for district heating companies. We want to expand our business also other countries, primarily to potential partners in Sweden and Denmark that have district heating companies that are similar to those in Norway.”

About the Company:

Effektiv Energi is collaborating with district heating company Eidsiva Bioenergi in Hamar, Norway, on how to develop services behind the substations to its customers. 

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