EWTG Ventilated Window Frames Increase Energy Efficiency

TunalTopNeo is a thermal ventilation system

Modern building construction technique can actually cause new problems. A combination of perfect insulation, airtight and inadequate ventilation of the building can result in polluted and moist air indoors. For those who work or live in the building this might cause problems, such as breathing problems, fungi, allergies and a negative impact on the energy balance. Polish EWTG has developed a solution; a thermal ventilation system for window frames.

“Ventilation is a prerequisite for a healthy internal climate. Air circulation ensures that polluted and humid air is replaced with fresh air, which significantly improves the quality of life of its inhabitants”.

The EWTC product TunalTopNeo is a thermal ventilation system for window frames. It can be used in all types of window joinery made of wood, aluminum and PVC. The inflow of air into the interior through a special grill shape directs the air up, thanks to which the colder air mixes better with the warm one.

A Patented Valve

The ventilation function is managed by a special valve, a patented ZR valve, guaranteeing constant air flow regardless of atmospheric conditions or pressure. The valve opens or closes accordingly. Maintenance of the ventilations systems should be done at least once a year. “The Tunal ventilation has a significant impact on the internal climate and the energy efficiency.”

“The choice of a ventilation system significantly affects the energy class of the building. The energy class of the building clearly indicates the energy efficiency as well as the economy from purchase to the building’s entire life-time. In combination with energy efficiency, high-quality insulating materials Tunal ventilation also has a significant impact on the energy efficiency.”

Deliveries to Window Manufacturers

The ventilated window frames are delivered to window manufacturers that incorporate them into their finished windows. EWTG has its own transport fleet to guarantee deliveries without damage and dimensional restrictions – and timely deliveries.

About the Company:

The EWTG company was created as a result of over 15 years of experience in the B2B sector. The ventilation systems for window frames have been produced since 2013.

They offer two possibilities of cooperation with window manufacturers. Depending on the demand, they can provide the profile chosen by the RAL color or veneer indicated.

In 2016, EWTG also started preparations for the launch of a new line of Retro-line products targeted at the door joinery segment.

More information: http://ewtg.pl/en/home/

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