Tool for Mapping of Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools by Students

Environmental quality in schools seminar

To make investments in energy efficiency more profitable it is essential also to take in consideration the additional values that the investments will lead to. One positive effect is very often the possibility to, at the same time, improve indoor environmental quality. A new ventilation system with heat recovery can both save energy and improve air quality. LED lightning improve the quality of light at the same time as it saves energy.

A good indoor environmental quality is of great importance also for well being and better production. Research has showed that the time for learning in schools can be reduced by 2 weeks per year if the indoor environmental is improved.

In Sweden student representatives is part of the required systematic environmental management work in schools, from year 7 in primary school.

The project has together with the Swedish student organisation, Sveriges Elevkårer, developed a tool for mapping of indoor environments. Experiences from other/previous mapping tools from other partners have been used.

By providing these representatives with the templates and instructions for mapping they can more actively participate in their assignment.

The tool, in English, is a Template Example 4.4 which can be found on the Multi Service Contracting page.

The project is now implementing the tool by supporting a campaign for mapping of indoor climate.

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Text author: Marit Ragnarsson, EFFECT4buildings Project Manager, Länsstyrelsen Dalarnas län