“Energy Café” Smart Energy Solutions: Take the Leap – the Right Time is Now


Our society is facing a major challenge to meet our climate goals. How will we achieve our goals? Is there any technological solution available? These are tricky questions that we face and maybe the solution is among the ones and zeros, this was discussed in the Energy Café “smart energy solutions are soon the new norm” (Wall, 2019)

It is often constraints that give life to new technological possibilities. New technology’s enable development in our society, Steam locomotive, home telephones the fax machine are just a few examples on technology that has been of great importance in our society, but over time been replaced with new technology. It is difficult to predict future technology without defining the constraints with the technology we have today.

The transition to a fossil-free society will require the development of new technologies and the phasing out some old ones. Solar cells, wind power, battery storage, electric cars and many other energy-related technologies are gaining momentum. This creates a more complex energy systems with several technological solutions and constraints. A better communication between the different technologies is a prerequisite to use the systems fully potential.

“INTERNET – is the big game changer” (Wall, 2019). Internet can help to collect information from our residence, electricity-generation, energy storage and electric cars and use algorithms to create a system that optimize energy use and decreases effect peaks in the grid.

The manufacturing industrys way of using digitalization and the Internet to optimize their production have inspired Örebro Bostäder. The vision is to make their residential buildings work as well lubricated machines where the different systems in the buildings are intervened to create a symbiose between the different technical solutions. This will reduce energy use, effect peaks and Simplify management of the dwellings.

We must dare to try new technology, understand its limitations that is how our society evolves.

When is the right time to start? Now!


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Text author: Benny Magnusson, ​Sustainable Building Cluster in Dalarna

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