“Energy Café” Benefits of New Smart Solutions


There is great potential in energy-optimizing real estates in Europe, about 20 % of the energy used in Europe goes to ventilation, warm water and heating/cooling properties. Two companies working hard to reduce this share is Ngenic and Healthy homes. Ngenic Their vision is contributing to a sustainable society and renewable energy production, by being […]

Technical Solutions: Solar Heat Water Storage

Solarpartner Süd GmbH

Background Josef Janni is the creator of a company in Switzerland’s Janni energietechnik. He started the business in the middle of the seventies with making solar collectors. The vision was to create a system that made a building self-sufficient in heating and hot water with only the sun as an energy source. Their solution is […]

Technological Solutions: Ventilation System

Technological Solutions - Ventilation System

This is a brief description of the development of ventilation solutions and pros and cons that can be associated with the different ventilation systems. Natural ventilation Natural ventilation is driven by the thermal forces that occur in the building. This is achieved when the indoor temperature is significantly higher than outside temperature. The supply air […]

Technological Solutions: Wastewater Heat Exchanger

Isakssons wastewater heat exchanger

Residential buildings have become more energy efficient when it comes to both the buildings envelope and ventilation, in these areas there is a fairly large range of solutions and well-proven methods on how to save energy in residential buildings. The energy demand for hot water can account for an increasing proportion of the building’s energy […]

Vidzeme Municipalities are Interested in Installing Solar Panels for Electricity Generation

Building Managers from Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

In April this year, Vidzeme Planning Region invited Vidzeme municipalities to applybuildings for solar panel feasibility study. Nine municipalities (Ape, Alūksne, Burtnieki, Cēsis, Gulbene, Kocēni, Naukšēni, Smiltene and Valka) applied at least one of their object. In order to make the necessary calculations, the applied object had to meet several criteria – the building must […]