Increase of Energy Efficiency Measures Through Bundling

Total Concept

An interesting option to increase energy efficiency measures is to bundle many smaller investments into a bigger investment package. Bundling combines several measures, which makes the total investment more profitable and more attractive in funding point of view. In this way can be facilitated the implementation of energy efficiency investments. One of the most useful […]

EFFECT4buildings Results Presented in the Final Conference

Final Conference

The final conference of the EFFECT4buildings project “FINANCIAL TOOLS AND INSTRUMENTS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS” took place on 8 December 2020. It gathered the energy community from all over Europe. Welcome note by Kazimierz Barczyk, President of Association of Municipalities of Małopolska Region, and Mikael Selander, Chairman of the Project Steering GroupVideo Presentation The […]

EFFECT4buildings Toolbox included in European Energy Innovation Magazine

European Energy Innovation

European level magazine connecting Europe’s stakeholders in energy and transport “European Energy Innovation” has published an article about EFFECT4buildings Toolbox in their 2020 winter edition. EFFECT4buildings Toolbox includes a set of financial instruments to unlock the investments and lower the risks of implementing energy efficiency measures (retrofitting, upgrading and deep renovation) in buildings owned by […]

How to Use Funding in the Most Cost-Effective Way

Conclusions resulting from financing in energy efficiency in relation to local governments and investors: Verification of grant applications is carried out by the COC – Competition Organizing Institution There are a number of substantive criteria that determine the award of points – the more points scored, the greater the chance of funding In order for […]

Suggestions for Improvement of Energy Efficiency at the Airport Area

Final phase in the environment process chart

An interesting option to increase energy efficiency measures is to create a comprehensive environment program for the organization. For this purpose can be utilized standards ISO14001 and ISO26000, which together provide easy understandable step-by-step advises how to establish a workable environment program and identify signified environmental aspects. Based on these elements can be achieved a […]

How to Map Potential Solar Panel Ground Areas?

Solar panels

Renewable energy sources have a key role when decreasing CO2-emissions and preventing climate change. Solar energy is one of the most potential options to produce energy in a clean way. PV-panels can for example be installed on the roof areas of the existing buildings or new buildings under construction. But when planning to implement  big scale PV-plants, the most convenient choice is to locate panels on the appropriate ground area. Process […]

EFFECT4BUILDINGS Final Online Conference on 8 December

Financial tools and instruments for energy efficiency in buildings

FINANCIAL TOOLS AND INSTRUMENTS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS EFFECT4 BUILDINGS FINAL ONLINE CONFERENCE8 December 2020, 9:00-16:00 CET-time To participate online in the conference you may register here: View or download the conference agenda: The conference includes among other things panel discussions, presentation of the toolbox for energy efficiency and the tools. The Project Manager […]


Save the date Effect4buildings Final conference_08.12.2020.

Save the date! On 8 December 2020 we are organising the EFFECT4buildings final conference FINANCIAL TOOLS AND INSTRUMENTS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS. It will take place in Lappeenranta, Finland and online. The conference will include presentations and discussions on energy efficiency in BSR, EFFECT4buildings Toolbox for energy efficiency, policy recommendations and technology solutions. A more […]

Energy Efficiency Today and in the Future – Financial Challenges

Results with graphs

The financial profitability or even more unprofitability of energy efficiency measures has been recently an interesting topic under general discussion. The main reason behind the conversation is the reality, that CO2– emissions must be reduced in order to maintain the carrying capacity of world also in the future. However, comparing energy efficiency measures is challenging, […]

EPC Pre Check Tool

Stakeholders working on energy efficiency in Sweden have found that they need an easier way to find out if EPC is a relevant tool for a specific building owner.   – We need to be as highly relevant as possible, when promoting tools for energy efficiency towards building managers, says Project Manager Marit Ragnarsson from Sweden. EPC can be a great tool for some actors, but spending time introducing […]