To Measure is to Know – New Product Released

Monitoring system

Most people spend approx. 90% of all time indoors. The quality of the indoor climate has therefore become very important to study. A great number of reports from researchers, institutions as well as reports from ordinary ‘users’ gives a common understanding that improvements are necessary and valuable for both society and individuals.

A new study by Future Workplace entitled, “The Workplace Wellness Study,” finds that over 67% of the 1,601 North American employees surveyed said they are more productive in workplaces that promote a healthy environment. One-third said they lose at least an hour of productivity each day due to office environments that don’t support their daily health.  (

Mapping of indoor climate with a new Air Quality Monitor (LAQ) from the Swedish company Luvian AB

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The LAQ collects data regarding the most important parameters that affects our health, well-being, comfort and performance when we are staying indoors.

Temperature          The most important parameter.  Affects our sleep and working ability

Humidity                 Dry air wintertime, affects health and the spreading of viruses & bacillus

Particles                  Carriers of disease and odours

CO2                           High CO2-levels are indicators of inadequate ventilation

TVOC & HCHO        Keep track of unwanted emissions.  

Company background

It started in the nineties when the owner Stefan Lysén installed and inspected ventilation systems. He saw shortcomings and thought of solutions. Purification alone was not enough. He also looked for ways to simultaneously cool or heat the indoor air, without cost and energy consumption rushing. The result after some years of development work, was a new company and Luvian’s own ventilation system. Stefan has also received a regional innovation awards for his solutions.

When developing the ventilation system, Stefan saw the need for a product for long-term measurements online of several parameters and to serve as a “proof of Concept”-tool for Luvian´s system.

The LAQ monitor is also, an excellent tool for comparing air quality before and after a renovation.

The measurement results are available to study in real time via the internet anytime and from anywhere. The application allows continuous study, instant synchronization, zooming, curve smoothing and instant report printing. Interesting results such as change of ventilation flows, different filters etc. are quickly visualized.


The LAQ is very simple to operate.  It is pure Plug Play.  A new recording session is set up in a minute by typing the location and setting the recording interval. At the same time the previous session can be archived for later study.

Data is collected at predefined intervals immediately after the unit is plugged in. After only minutes the graphs can be studied in real-time. All graphs are synchronized and can be zoomed and reported continuously thru the internet by anyone that is given access.

Technical Data

Size                          120x80x55 mm

Power                      5V, USB B-micro

Internet                   Build-in SIM-router or WIFI

Certificates             CE, RoHS

Sensors                   Temp, Humidity, CO2, TVOC, HCHO

                                  Particles (Mass PM10, PM2,5, PM1)

                                  Particles (Numbers P0.3, P0.5, P1.0, P5.0)

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Text author: Hans Ahlin, EFFECT4buildings, Länsstyrelsen Dalarnas län