Smart Ventilation Unit – Monitors and Controls the Indoor Climate

Photo Source - the Company Airobot

​High efficiency and good health where the two key aspects when Estonian company Airobot developed their solutions for monitoring and controlling of the indoor climate.  “It is all about surveillance the levels of temperature, carbon dioxide and moisture levels and avoid overventilation and restore any deviations back to normal levels automatically.”

Airobot calls their product Airobot S a “full self-thinking ventilation unit”. The unit monitors air pressure, temperature, moisture, CO2, ventilation etc., by built in sensors and adjusts according to needs and set parameters.

“The energy consumption can be cut by up to 40 percent when you ventilate according to the actual needs instead of conventional ventilations parameters. When the low-consumption mode is in operation, for when there is no one in the room, it also contributes to the lowered consumption.”

“Energy consumption can be cut by up to 40 percent when you avoid over-ventilation.”

The equipment can be installed in old and new apartment buildings or offices, hotels, etc. and be connected to all heat sources. It is also possible to control and monitor each apartment in a building individually. Airobot recommends installation of the equipment – a unit about the size of a washing machine – in the washing room or by an entrance where it can be connected to the ventilation ducts. The equipment is also designed to be as silent as possible.

Easy installation and low maintenance

“Installation is easy, and the need of maintenance is low. We recommend filter changes about twice a year.”

The maintenance need can also be supervised via on-line interface. Here you will also find detailed statistics about the conditions and consumption history. The system can also be monitored via a physical panel.

In summertime and when the indoor temperature is rising the Airobot ventilation system automatically starts cooling. It also increases the ventilation when someone e. g. is using the bathroom. 

Securing a healthy climate

“The overall indoor climate affects the health of the residents more than you might think. This has been a very important factor during the development and with the Airobot S you can really secure a good climate for the residents. We have also put a lot of effort into making it as affordable as possible to achieve the best investment, quality and energy saving ratio.”

Airobot is now marketing their product on a wider market.

“Initially we are aiming for the Scandinavian and the German markets where the climate is similar to our climate in Estonia. To fully utilize the benefits there is a need for general high-tech awareness among the users.”

About the company

Airobot OU, is an Estonian technology company, has been developing Airobot devices in collaboration with scientists from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology since 2013. Read more on www. (available in English).

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