Renovations of Old Multifamily Houses

Krylbohus and Byggdialog Dalarna have started an energy and resource audit

Many real estates in Sweden are in great need of renovations and this requires a lot of resources, so it is important to choose the right measures. Krylbohus buys old apartment buildings and renovate them.

Krylbohus real estate bought 40 multifamily houses in Krylbo, Sweden. Not really knowing what they were getting into, water damage, mold, leaking roofs, chimneys that blows down and very poor documentation about the real estates. It is difficult to choose the right measures and do the right priorities when the condition of the buildings are so bad. It is often easier to fix the problems when they arise.

There is a great need to get a total methodology early in this process to be able to do more measures simultaneously. If more measures can be done in the same time you save both money and resources. Krylbohus have together with ByggDialog Dalarna started to do an energy- and resource audit to find combined measures that can be done to save energy, resources, and money.

An energy and resource audit gives a good overview of the condition and functions of the properties and the organization’s work methods. Analyzing energy and resources use, in an early stage increases the chances, getting the most effect from their investments.  

It is a challenge to start the work with an energy and resources audit as it takes a lot of time and requires great knowledge. There is a  stress to fix the problems that are here and now, but once you have past that and started the audit, you quickly see that it gives dividends and in the long run facilitates the work and is favourable for profitability.


Krylbohus has already started to change its heating system where the shortcomings were great with large losses. Uninsulated attic has begun to be insulated in connection with roof repairs. Water leaks have been identified thanks to the examination of water consumption in the various real estates.

It is of utmost importance to take the time and do a proper mapping in the initial stages, even if it feels resource intensive. It can be better to let an external company work with the energy and resource audit.  This way the real estate company only needs to provide the information and focus on their commitments.

About EFFECT4buildings:

EFFECT4buildings is implemented with the support from Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Fund) and Norwegian national funding. The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of public building managers in the Baltic Sea Region by providing a comprehensive decision-making support toolbox with a set of financial instruments to unlock the investments and lower the risks of implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings owned by public stakeholders. For more information:

Text: Benny Magnusson, EFFECT4buildings, ByggDialog Dalarna