Regional Stakeholder Seminars in Hedmark, Norway

Seminar in Hedmark Norway

​One of the tasks of EFFECT4buildings is to inform stakeholders about all the tools and interesting cases that EFFECT4buildings is working with.  During 2019 Hedmark County Council will carry out 4 regional seminars for stakeholders in the sub-regions of Nord-Østerdal, Kongsvinger, Hamar and Sør-Østerdal.  We are inviting stakeholders from public (politicians and civil servants) and private sector to these seminars and so far we have carried out 2 of 4 seminars.  All seminars are organised together with the sub-regional council.

Together 22 stakeholders participated in our last seminar in Tynset in the sub-region of Nord-Østerdal with 6 municipalities.  The program is about the 8 tools of EFFECT4buildings, indoor climate, climate and energyplanning, best practices of EPC (Energy Performance Contract) and more general about the work with energy efficiency.  In the end of all the seminars we have a dialogue with the stakeholders about hindrances and opportunities of the work with energy efficiency. 

Seminar in Norway.jpgHedmark County Council find these seminars and the cooperation with the local authorities very valuable and we are looking forward to our next seminar 4th of September 2019 where we cooperate with the sub regional council of Kongsvinger with 5 municipalities.  

Text author: Kjell Vaagen, EFFECT4buildings Project Manager, Hedmark County Council, Norway

About EFFECT4buildings:

EFFECT4buildings is implemented with the support from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Fund) and Norwegian national funding. The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of public building managers in the Baltic Sea Region by providing a comprehensive decision-making support toolbox with a set of financial instruments to unlock the investments and lower the risks of implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings owned by public stakeholders. For more information: