In Latvia Solar Energy for Electricity Generation is Rarely Used


In the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week Vidzeme Planning Region on the 17th of June, in Cesis brought together local government specialists, energy managers, heat supply specialists, building managers and other interested parties to discuss the use of solar energy for electricity generation in Vidzeme and elsewhere in Latvia. The panel discussion showed that solar energy for electricity generation is rarely used. The moderator of the panel discussion was Inese Dosē, Global Energy MBA, Business Intelligence Manager, expert with over 10 years of experience in energy sector.

The aim of the panel discussion “From Sun to Electricity” was to stimulate a discussion on the use of solar energy for electricity production, identify existing barriers and possible solutions for using solar potential. The event was attended by municipal experts, energy managers, heat specialists, building managers and other interested parties.

The the Ministry of Economics, distribution network owner JSC “Sadales tīkls” and Latvian Solar Energy Association were the keynote speakers but solar panel installers “AJ Power” and Gulbene municipality together with speakers participated in moderated discussion between all involved parties.

The Ministry of Economics presented excisting situation and planned changes in solar energy legislation. Moreover, Ministry of Economics introduced with planned measures to promote the use of solar energy, for example improvement of net-system. Currently, the Ministry of Economics is developing the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030, where the promotion of non-emission technologies in electricity production and promotion of self-generation and self-consumption of energy are among the goals.

“Sadales tīkls”JSC is the maintainer and developer of the electricity network in Latvia. It ensures power supply to over one million electricity users objects, with its services covering 99% of the country’s territory. Representative of the company introduced the solar power plant connection process and the necessary documents step by step. In turn, the Solar Energy Association in Latvia showed good practice examples here in Latvia, where solar panels for electricity generation are successfully operating. One such example is in Tiraine, where a company has solar panels installed on its own office and warehouse building.

Solar panel suppliers, energy companies in Latvia “AJ Power”, as well as SIA “Enefit” emphasized that the sector has enormous potential for solar energy. Other participants of the discussion encouraged the creation of a unified power generation / consumption system so that electricity produced in solar panels, for example, in Liepaja, where solar radiation is higher, could be consumed, for example, in Aluksne. Households are also interested in installing solar panels, but there is a lack of knowledge on how to implement such projects, how to choose suppliers and how to determine the benefits of installation.


Gulbene Municipality, also participated in the panel discussion, sharing the experience of the municipality in the development of the technical specification and procurement of the installation of solar panels on the municipal building. The Gulbene Municipality is one of nine municipalities in Vidzeme that has appealed to the Vidzeme Planning Region’s call for an assessment of the economic utility of solar panels for a municipal building within the EFFECT4buildings project.

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