Few are Familiar with the Savings from Mixers and Showers

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“Few are familiar with the savings from mixers and showers”

To save resources is not a new idea at FM Mattsson Mora Group. Development of their water and energy saving mixers and showers started some 20 years ago. A patent for a one-grip lever was the starting point for the “green” product lines that has been developed since then, resulting in numerous energy effective products.

“We probably jumped the gun a bit, but demand for water and energy saving solutions is now constantly increasing”, says Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group. “But I must say that the set requirements, in connection with both public and private, project procurements, are chockingly low. There is definitely a need for more awareness in this field!”

On the FM Mattsson domestic marked in the Nordic countries water and energy has traditionally been regarded as endless resources, except for in Denmark where costs are significantly higher and because of this FM Mattsson Mora Group has several energy consultants serving their customers there. However, in recent years Frank has noticed a change because of e. g. water shortage (in Sweden) and an increased focus on energy issues. And there is lots to be saved.

“Choosing the right mixer can save up to 30 percent and when it comes to showers it is almost possible to cut the water and energy consumption in half.”

Installation of mixers.jpg

Installation of mixers using “cold start” can save a lot of energy and the pay-back time is short.

This is how it works:

The normal lever position on a one-grip mixer is straight forward. When lifting it up in this position it is constructed to feed only cold water (no mixing of warm water). Turning the lever to the left give you warm water and to the left colder water. Traditional levers in the “straight-forward-position” start to mix in warm water immediately. The most common – when a mixer is used – is a very fast rinse. During this rinse the warm water never reaches the user. Instead it stays in the water pipe, thus making no use of the heat.

A test show that installation of two mixers using this “cold start” can save up to €150 annually (based on a family with average consumption). The example is based on an energy price of €0.01/kWh, water €0.2 /1000 liters, warm water feed temperature of 60 degrees C and cold-water feed of 10 degrees C. Actual savings depends on user behavior and which mixers that are replaced.


Choosing the right mixer can save up to 30 percent of the energy used in order to heat the warm water.

The shower is the most wasteful:

The biggest energy consumer is however the shower and FM Mattsson Mora Group offers a number of technical solutions in order to reduce the amount of heated water used – with maintained shower comfort. This is achieved by reducing the flow through a clever design of the shower jets and by mixing in air.

“Traditional showers use around 10-12 l of water a minute. Our A class (top range) showers consume six liters per minute”, says Frank.

The lowered consumption must not impair the user comfort, Frank Rälg emphasizes. Energy smart solutions should only be noticeable on the water and heat invoices. This is something often forgotten when a new building or refurbishment is calculated.

Reduce heat water.jpg

The biggest energy consumer is the shower and FM Mattsson Mora Group offers a number of technical solutions in order to reduce the amount of heated water used.

The payback time for an installation of an energy saving shower (compared with a traditional) is from less than a year to around three years, depending on the current water and heat costs.

Use the life cycle cost:

“To use the life cycle cost as a factor is much more rewarding. Here we have products that are slightly more expensive, an investment that is easy to motivate if you consider the entire life time. Despite this, many choose cheaper solutions in newbuilds and refurbishments, saving small amounts initially.”

He whishes for an increased awareness, clearer regulations and focus on energy issues from those who establishes building standards and laws.

“As a supplier we must also be responsible and stress the issues. This can be done by for example explaining the importance and meaning of different classifications and eco labels. We have also recently launched a special website in order to put water consumption topics higher on the agenda.

Development continues:

FM Mattsson Mora Group now take the next step developing even more advanced technology using electronics, on-line units that can visualize the water and energy consumption in a simple manner. This will also open new opportunities to e. g. communicate with heat pumps and ventilation in the smart buildings of tomorrow.

“It is important to understand that the possibility to save energy depends on both technology and the end customer behavior. Interestingly though; our old ideas about how our products are being used is now verified when we can follow them on-line via internet.”

“Developing smart ideas on how to economize the use of water and energy is fundamental to us and without doubt something that we will continue to do.”

Want to know more?

FM Mattsson Mora Group offers plenty of information on their web sites, available in several different languages, and is present on other social medias. On the website a savings calculator is found where you can explore the possible savings by entering your own data. You are also always welcome to get in touch with the company’s sales representatives or contact someone at the head office in Sweden.

About the company

FM Mattsson Mora Group manufactures water and thermostat mixers mainly for the Nordic market and is also present internationally in Europe via their own sales companies. FM Mattsson was founded in 1865 and was merged with Mora Armatur in 2003. Later on, Danish Damixa was incorporated in 2014. The company is the leading supplier in the Nordic countries and is listed on the stock exchange Nasdaq Stockholm.