EFFECT4buildings Magazine

Financial tools for implementing more energy efficiency measures in buildings

​The EFFECT4buildings Magazine publish a well-stocked magazine with many good examples and articles from the cases carried out in the project. Read, learn and get inspired!

The Magazine gives concrete examples of how financial tools and instruments have been developed and improved in real cases. It gives examples from partner countries where these tools have been tested and what impact they have had.

Magazine is available for download here or can be viewed on https://issuu.com/

You will find information about:

·       Why should we care about buildings?

·       Toolbox Introduction

·       Financial Calculations

·       Bundling

·       Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

·       Multi Service Contracting (MSC)

·       Green Lease Contract

·       Prosumerism

·       Funding

·       Convincing Decision Makers

·       Technological Solutions

·       EFFECT4buildings News