Vidzeme Municipalities Gain Valuable Energy Management Experience in Neighbouring Municipalities

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Lithuania

In the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects “EFFECT4buildings”, “LowTEMP” and “Act Now” and EU Sustainable Energy Week on 17 and 18 June Vidzeme Planning Region together with Gulbene municipality organized experience exchange trip “Energy management solutions in neighboring municipalities – Daugavpils city in Latvia and Visaginas municipality in Lithuania”. Vidzeme Planning Region invited public […]

Ludvika Municipality is Investing Heavily in Solar Energy

Solar panels on the sport hall´s facade in Ludvika where 175 kW traditional solar panels have been installed.

The municipality of Ludvika has decided to invest 3 million Euro in solar energy. Several installations have already been made and they have learned a lot on the road, among other things, they have developed a model for tendering calls that will ensure that you avoid problems and get the right quality. Political decision behind […]

Solar Energy Calculator Helps to Plan Optimal Size and Profitability

Geometrisk fasad

For calculation of solar PV plants, several national tools for calculating the production potential is available, but to plan for an optimal size of a PV plant more than that is needed. A tool is needed to compare the production with the energy use of the building, to choose the optimal size. Also a better […]

Partnering: Next Step After EPC Projects

The Municipality of Ludvika

The municipality of Ludvika was one of the first municipalities to invest in larger EPC projects, which gave many valuable experiences. Now Ludvikahem has taken over the properties and instead wants to invest in partnering for the continued energy work. The municipality of Ludvika was out early with EPC projects Evaluation of EPC projects in […]