Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

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Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a long-term agreement with private company (ESCO) to cooperate in implementing energy efficiency measures by guaranteed energy savings. According to interviews results EPC activities seem to need more awareness, as 41% of respondents either totally agree or nearly agree that they have good EPC/ESCO knowledge. Even more good experiences are needed, because only 8% of respondents inform to have enough experience. Good practical references and training to increase awareness could be way to activate EPC agreements.

Energy Performance Maintenance Contracts, EPMC 
Basis for purchasing of performance-based services regarding ventilation, heating, cooling and controls in buildings, including checklists for control and follow up.

Short content description of the tool including background (In English) 

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Checklist for service of heating systems, here
Checklist for service of cooling systems, here
Checklist for service of ventilation systems, here
Checklist for service of control systems, here