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Bundling is a method to merge smaller investments into one bigger package. By operating in this way, it is possible to make the investment large enough to attract investors and also include less profitable measures in the package. Anyhow bundling as a method seems to be not so often used and well-known, thus only 27% of the respondents inform that they have bundled investments. 

The word "bundling" seems to be quite unfamiliar, because after detailed explanation and clarification, many interviewed persons start to consider closer have they bundled or not. In EFFECT4buildings project point of view this tells clear need for create training material concerning bundling.

Outcomes of the project

Tools for financial bundling of energy investments
Tool for bundling of investments

Energy audit report with bundling summary, example

Energy audit action plan with excel bundling tool, example
Download Excel-sheet example for bundling to an energy audit. (In Swedish)